Products & Services

  • Air to Water Heat Pump

  • Indoor total unit complete with control panel, circulation pump, 3 way valve for domestic hot water production, circulation pump and electric heater cartridge with a separate 300 litre domestic hot water cylinder
  • Integrated Weather Compensation Controls
  • Multi layer Pipe and fittings, insulation etc
  • Installation and Commissioning

Air to Water Heat Pump Features

This unit is best in test – performed by the Swedish Energy Agency 2011. Please see test results attached.

The unit has in-built weather compensating controls which are essential for the efficient controlling of underfloor heating.

User friendly interface, which allows full control over energy usage. The heat pump needs to be aligned 90° to the prevailing wind to ensure adequate air flow

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating system shall consist of the following:

  1. All necessary oxygen tight multi-layer pipes. Our pipe has a metal core which guarantees 100% lifetime oxygen barrier. This is essential for prevention of corrosion in the heating system over time. This metal core also helps the structural integrity of the pipe.
  2. All necessary tracking and clips designed for securing the underfloor pipes to the sub floor insulation
  3. Distribution manifolds complete with isolation valves, flow meters and individual circuit control. These can be discretely located in a central location in the building i.e. under stairs, behind built in units, or in specially designed manifold cabinets
  4. Thermostats and thermo electric actuator heads for individual room/zone control. Note: All thermostats are 230V
  • Bathrooms and utility rooms may need to be left as open circuits
  • Installation and commissioning

Domestic Hot & Cold Water System

  1. 1st Fix of pipe work and fittings.
  1. Installation and Commission of sanitary ware and fittings
  2. Booster pump (Optional) Pressure switch, ball cock and overflow
  3. This booster set is ideal for domestic applications as it maintains water pressure for both your domestic hot and cold water. These tanks are normally fitted into plant rooms or a garage.

Heat Recovery Ventillation

  1. Heat Recovery Ventilation Unit
  2. Manifold and individual pipe run system
  3. Vent inlets
  4. Installation and commissioning

District Heating

District Heat Pipe Network providing temperature controlled Space Heating and instant Hot Water on demand at low cost. Supplying water on demand at low cost Supplying water at eighty degrees celcius.

Heat Distribution Substation

Heat Exchanger for instant Hot Water with anti-scald control

Underfloor heating manifolds with circulating pump and temperature control

Time Clock to control space heating times.

Heat Meter measuring Kilowatt Hours.